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SRI LANKA TRAVEL VLOG: Things to do in Colombo

Written by Ariel

When we decided to go on a spontaneous trip, we had no idea that the dice would take us to Colombo, Sri Lanka! But we took the challenge, bought ourtickets and were off. We spent the first day exploring Colombo city, Pettah market, Galle Face, tried local Sri Lankan food and even got on their public transport! It was a packed and fun first day. Watch out for Part 2, as we take the train to Kandy for cooler surroundings.

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  • You may be surprised to know that a good amount of Sri Lankan muslims speak Malay πŸ™‚ I had a friend who could speak it in school. They came from indonesia and malaysia in Dutch and Portuguese times and still speak it in their homes. Great Vid!

  • good thing about being indonesian i do understand 80% of your malay slangs XD – now i want a corn fritters πŸ˜€ – btw how long did go to colombo for? your spontaneous trip that is (and which hotel/motel did you end up booking) since its a last minute thing haha

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