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St Regis Princeville Resort (Kauai, Hawaii): review (SPECTACULAR island)

Written by Ariel

Read my review (with pros & cons) of the St Regis Princeville resort here:

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  • looks like a 3 stars resort. Nothing special. Serving cereal is so cheap. "Broccoli fried Rice"? are you fking kidding me? Such low budget food for a resort.

  • such a beautiful place..i would try out everything and and just shut out the world so i can really relax myself..well done…Happy New Year

  • I love your vids. Been following for some time. I even enjoy your vids on various airlines (might be my most favorite since I've flown cross- Atlantic a couple of times…in coach). But what I really want to know is do you tire of the luxury? It seems to me that over time, the more one has access to luxury, the more one needs– the cup is never full.

    Nevertheless, your vids are very well-executed. I will say I enjoy viewing the landscapes more than actual resorts themselves.

  • ty for all those so cool video's also your son dauther was haveing lots fun there playing happy new year 2018 to you

  • Glad to know that you visited the North shore of Kauai , just before you got to the St. Regis , you drove my where I usually stay : Pali Ke Kua !! I am sure you also enjoyed Hanalei and the 11 mile drive to Kee beach too ! Happy New Year to you , always a pleasure to see / read your reviews !

  • Me and my Wife Nikki got married there!! We will return back one day it's in our stars. It was so beautiful there. We miss it.

  • I think folks going here would know that it was a more casual family oriented place, rather than a five star singles resort. If it's more affordable, the kids will be schlepped along. Even the screamers. Especially the screamers! Yes, the scenery is mind blowing.

  • We rent a house in Kilauea 15" South of Princeville almost every year–and visit the St.Regis. Not a good idea to vacation with hundreds of other people's children. North Shore of Kauai is the best—but beware—very wet.

  • St Regis is one of my favorite hotel brand, but this one is really disapointing … I must say that the 5 last minutes are phenomenal…
    Overall, an amazing job on all you Hawaii's videos, now my wife is joining me for our Saturday ritual on our large TV screen 🙂

  • Location might be great and the island has a lot of stunning beauty, but judging the resort by the pictures it looks like very outdated, overcrowded and the breakfast far away from anything you would expect from a five star hotel.

  • You've re-written the book on vlog/reviews of resorts. Sadly, even you could not make this look better. Once a Sheraton, always a Sheraton. A St. Regis this is not.

  • You really captured some fantastic footage of the island and I am sure this will be something you can look at again , and again .

  • Thank you for showing this Resort. We were going to go and stay there next year. Now I will be looking for somewhere else. Very run-down old and obnoxious screaming children. Rooms are nothing special. Not my idea of any kind of a vacation.

  • Such a stunning lobby and then in back you have always one kid screaming like a cat in pain for no reason to ruin the ambience, some resorts should ban chidrens.. but as always nice vid.

  • Hi I have been following you for a long time now.I just want to say that out of all the island rezorts you showed from Thailand, Maldives, Vietnam, and other islands, Hawaii rezorts was my least favourite. I dont know why the island gets so much undeserved attention.

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