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STAYING LONGER! VISA EXTENSION IN BORACAY | Philippines Travel Vlog 101, 2017 | Digital Nomad

Written by Ariel

Being a Digital Nomad in the Philippines is really easy to extend a visa! We did it pretty painlessly in Boracay, so went to Diniwid beach to celebrate ⬇ Click ‘Show More’ to expand ⬇

Boracay visa extension spot is near Station 3 back off the beach, it costs about $60 USD each to extend for another 29 days in the Philippines. Price might be a bit higher because we paid for the express to get it literally 5 minutes later and walk out the door – more time to explore the islands!

Diniwid is actually fast becoming our favourite beach in Broacay, such a great chilled spot!

The Philippines isn’t a well known Digital Nomad spot, but we’ve had an awesome time based here. Check our channel for an accommodation video and a cost of living Philippines edition coming soon.

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  • So lucky that u guys did that. I only got to stay 3 wks. Go to Puerto Princesa's Cave & Underground River & The 100 Island. Swim, swim, swim…the water is so lukewarmmm unlike here in Cali. =)

  • Hope you brought your hip boots . Sorry the weather turned on your extended visit. Another storm is on its way, be safe in your castle. Aloha

  • Congrats for your extension hope you will also guys tour in different places aside from boracay my siquijor is a must too.

  • i sort of watched all your videos. storytelling and editing on point. i love how chill Stacey always is, such a bae. Dane, you are a great storyteller! Awesome team

  • I love that you guys try to answer everyone in the comments which some vloggers have chosen not to do not realizing people who are positive are commenting because they feel a connection to then through this medium which YouTube. I have been subbed for a while now and hope you guys keep pushing forward vlogging and traveling :).

  • Hi kuya at ate, you got 29 days more. Explore! All u have to do is choose north, south, east or west. Hop on ur motorcycle and just go. When u come to a place just ask what's in it. They will tell u some hidden wonderful places.always Remember when ur with filipinos, ur with family.

  • I have bad english

    I was born and raise in philippines but my mother sponsor me to come to canada because i have better opportunities in cad than phil. Years later , i decided to go back to philippines for vacation…it was super crowded , i was not used to it anymore. When i first arrived my whole body was sweating , its like im inside a sona , some restaurant dont have toilet paper… when i saw dog poop on the street i felt disgusted .. im not used to it anymore…. i have been counting my blessing since i came bck to philippines… when i was in canada i always care about buying expensive shoes and clothes, but when i saw some people in philippines like kids they have holes in there slippers. It made me realize that buying branded clothes is not important; as long as i have clothes and shoes to wear then i am happy

    I dont want to tell my future plans or my goals bcus everytime i tell it; it does not happen anymore.

  • Man your paying a lot for that plate of fish and checken…in general it should only cost like 80% less….by d way nice vid.

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