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Sukhothai (Thailand) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Written by Ariel

Travel video about destination Sukhothai in Thailand.
Sukhothai, ‘Dawn Of Happiness’, this, the name of the first capital of Thailand, once marked the beginning of a new epoch. During the course of its one hundred and twenty year flowering period several of the city’s impressive buildings were created such as the magnificent Wat Mahathat Temple.Beyond the old city walls is the fascinating Wat Si Chum Temple which owes its national fame to the huge seated Buddha sculpture of Phra Atchana that is more than eleven metres high and is one of the largest and most imposing Buddha statues in Thailand. Picturesque yet almost sad the century old ruins seem to be reflected within the water of the nearby moats, canals and ponds yearning for a bygone time when the area was full of buildings that in turn were full of life. But despite its continuing decay Sukhothai is still a truly magical experience.

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  • I was in Sukhothai in early December 2017. This video gives a good idea of what’s to be seen. It’s quite beautiful, but there’s not more than a few hours of things to see in the historical park. I borrowed a bike from my hotel and it was the best way to get around.

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