things to do in Hong Kong

Teaching English In Hong Kong: Salary, Requirements, Expenses & Things To Do

Written by Ariel

In this video I talk about the teaching English scene in Hong Kong and cover some of the details of jobs, requirements, living expenses and things to do in this exciting city.
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  • Great video, lovely content! very informative. Has the journalist professional feel about it. Lots of good info covering most aspects of living and working in Hong Kong as an English Teacher. You look and sound a little more relaxed within yourself, as if you are much more in your comfort zone – Whilst filming in Hong Kong – just an observation. Or it may just be the break of going somewhere different, which I know is always exciting and an adventure in itself!…Good work. It's so nice to be able to see the actual content like, shopping malls, shops, buildings, rivers, transport system etc,. of the country or place that is being documented, so we have a real view, of the country… good work! looking forward to the next video!

  • Are you considering teaching English again, Alex, or just expanding locations for your business? It seems as though the requirements will fit a lot of currently licensed teachers who want to change their environment, but the pay rate may not be enough to live comfortably for those who don't without a roommate or partner sharing costs. It looks like a beautiful place though! Thanks for sharing the info!

  • Visiting HK made me realize how poor I was. It's surely a great place if you have money, and if you don't, the grind is real.

  • Hi Alex,
    I was eagerly waiting for you to do a video on the teaching market in Hong Kong! The city was my first experience with Asia and it's an absolutely amazing place. It opened up my interest in teaching English abroad which brought me to your videos. I leave for Vietnam in a few weeks. Keep up the great work! Cheers from Canada.

  • Great vid.
    I'm looking forward to your videos on mainland China. I'm really interested in teaching there. However, I've heard there's limitations to internet access and things like that. I would like to keep working on a Post-graduate degree while teaching esl.

  • Despite its location next to the sea, Hong Kong is a modern city with the worst pollution. Where the wind blows: China's dirty air has become a huge problem for Hong Kong (also for Korea). Visibility is less than 6 kilometres (about 4 miles) most of the time. Cases of asthma and bronchial infections have soared in recent years due to its terrible air quality. In addition, its population density is the worst in the world. Hong Kong has over 7,000 people per square kilometer (0.6 square mile) of land area (India has 445, Germany has 340, Vietnam has 290, and UK has 270). The highest population density has made Hong Kong's pollution become even worse. For many people, especially foreigners, Hong Kong is a nightmare. The worst air pollution has turned Hong Kong – an international city bustling with excitement into a death trap that was slowly poisoning them. Also, Hong Kong has a very high cost of living. Think carefully before making any recommendations, Alex.

  • One thing you left out which I think may be relevant is the size of teacher accommodations. Think of a shoebox, not boots, shoes. Add a western level rent. That is accommodations.

    The size of accommodations is very small and prices are expensive

  • I think the hours are a huge deal because a lot of people, Alex included, come to teach with other plans like building a business, art, making music, or whatever, and having the daytime free to do your own thing when you're fresh is really important. So when you have night hours, as is often the case on weekdays in Vietnam, you can get a lot done during the day. Anyone who has ever taught kids knows it's quite difficult to do much besides relax after listening to screaming children for hours. In this sense, the hours of many Vietnam jobs can be seen as an advantage rather than disadvantage for those who are working on side projects.

  • I heard street foods in HK are the best. My friends (from US) traveled to HK told me 🙂 Thanks so much, Alex, for another great, very helpful video.

  • Been to Hong Kong once and we never want to go back: A place with a quite high cost of living and the worst pollution.

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