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Thai Airways 747 First Class Bangkok to Germany: Best Food I Ever Had

Written by Ariel

Come on board Thai Airways’ amazing 747 First class from Bangkok to Munich. My first time with Thai Airways in F and their world famous ground service, and everything lived up to my expectations. Unfortunately my connection time was too short to enjoy the spa, but I got to sample the menu in the lounge, and had some of the best tom yum soup I ever had.
The catering onboard was on a level that I have not often encountered. Everything was meticulously and beautifully plated. More importantly, everything tasted as good as it looked.
It was an unforgettable flight.

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  • TG is one of my favourites. I've been to Thailand about 12 times on business and TG fly from Perth Australia where I live. It always puts me in a good mood, but for some reason TG is nearly always late getting into BKK, a lot of delays stooging around flying in circles over the Gulf of Thailand. Don't know why.

  • you really convinced me! And I'm a mouth breather as well, I once flew SEA-TPE on EVA's 744 business class and it really felt horrible lol.

  • I think that it would be nice if you can include some shooting or picture of the crew on board to make the video more lively and beautifully in your next video . I think that they allow to do so. Thank for sharing. I enjoyed reading your comments as well.

  • thank you so much for this brillant report. Pristine presentation of the caviar Service. I do mean pristine….intriguing….
    How I love the china plates and Cups soup bowls, elegant silverware.

    T O P N O T C H

  • Incredible trip report!
    My first thought when seeing the menu for breakfast was "what a disgrace" because it did not have any Thai options. But the egg did look good indeed….

  • Great report on what looks like a great flight. I like your enthusiasm–that you appreciated the food and the service rather than taking it for granted or nitpicking. Like you, I would forego some sleep in order to enjoy meals like that; I can sleep at home but I can't get food like that.

  • Hey, thanks for a great review. Their soft product looks great – incredible customer service, attention to detail and great food. Maybe their hard product needs an upgrade – switching planes all the time etc. I flew on a 747-400 LHR-LAS last year and had forgotten how noisy and dry they were compared to newer models! Can’t believe that’s what we flew all the time when I was younger.

    Suggestion – I enjoyed reading your reflections in the subtitles, but tbh there was quite a lot to read and it did sometimes mean I took my eyes off the main screen and what was happening.

  • Very good footage. Like your camera equipment. Nice and clear and your handling of the camera equipment is superb. No camera shake or sudden movements. Well done

  • terrible security (they should arrange a 'fast track' for premium passengers) but great lounge and super food

  • I am pretty new to this subject, and I am delighted I found it. Also very happy to have found your contributions, which I really enjoy. However, because I am new to it, I find the many many initials quite bewildering and it does annoy me a little because I don't understand their full meaning.
    I know there are limitations on time and space, but is it possible, please, for a glossary of some sort to be placed somewhere?
    Thank you so much, and in no way should you consider my comments as criticism. I love your videos.)))))))

  • Wonderful review as always. If you enjoyed TG’s ground service, you must try AF in La Premiere when you have the chance!

  • Awesome report! I recently flew BKK-SYD in THAI First on the 747. Loved the seat, the friendly service and the aircraft. Unlike you, I found the catering to be disappointing! The beef main course was dry and boiled rice for breakfast was nothing special. I’ve had much better meals in their Business Class.

  • ประเทศอื่นใช้เบ๊นซ์ ประเทศไทยรถตู้คันเก่าๆ

  • If you think Thai's first class is good, you should do an AF la premiere (on boeing 777, AF a380's la premiere seats aren't as good as the 777's), you will be surprised about it

  • Awesome video as always. Thai’s First Class seems really fascinating! I wonder if you would get a partial refund though if you booked First Class on a regional flight but then got downgraded?

  • Everything Thai is simply wonderful to me 😉 Great people, great culture, great food, great country… and fantastic sky service! Thanks for sharing these amazing and informative moments! I can't wait to return to Bangkok!

  • Thanks for the video. I am taking this same flight on my way to Oktoberfest in October, also in first…can't wait!

  • Good evening!!!! Let me tell you my appreciation of your report: it’s so complete, clean cut, detailed, that I could fairly feel that I was onboard with you and also enjoying the lounge. Despite another comments, your descriptions fill in the gaps with precise notes about what most travelers do care in their journeys. Don’t get me wrong, I respect all of the opinions and points of view, but considering that there are so many vloggers these days I feel happy to having found out a trip report that’s really worth watching for 24 minutes. Have a lovely day.

  • I used to fly that business class from London. Wasn't the most comfortable, but it was affordable. I wish they would bring it back.

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