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Thailand Visa on arrival in just 25000

Written by Ariel

here we describe how to visit thailand in just 25000 (cheap)

This video explain thailand travel facts and travel tips about traveling and how to get budget flight for bangkok thailand in hindi This video will be your thailand travel and vacation Guide. Thailand is known as The country of joy.You can travel to Thailand from Kolkata ,bangalore ,chennai ,mumbai and kochi with a budget of 15000 INR for five days. You have to book the ticket using Airasia site from Kolkata to kochi . You will get return ticket in 7500 INR. Please use following URL to book ticket. You have to book ticket in 5-6 months advance.

You can book your hotels from
Per day hotel would cost you 400 Rs.

you can take your visa from this site.

Here is simple math which I followed and traveled 10 days in Thailand from Kolkata.

1-Air Ticket Going and Returning: 7500. 2-Hotels stay per day in Thailand: 400 /day for five days .2000
3-Kolkata to my City Udaipur travel cost: 3000
4-Food and other stuff: 2500 Total: 16000 around Do not stay in expensive hotels and do not hire a guide or agent. and stay away from cheap thailand night club which are there in street. I have also explained complete thailand visa on arrival process for indians and thailand travel tips in my other video.This is cheapest thailand trip one can enjoy. Thai government is running various local tour package under thailand tourism department. You can take facilities provided by this department in minimum cost.
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