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Did you know that by swapping your ordinary burger to The Impossible Burger, you save water equivalent to a 10 minute shower, you spare 18 driving miles of greenhouse gases and 75 sq feet of land for wildlife? The Impossible uses 0% cows, a fraction of the Earth’s natural resources, and is 100% free of hormones, antibiotics, and artificial ingredients.

It is a 100% cruelty free plant based burger that tastes, smells, bleeds like the real thing. The secret ingredient? Neuroscience.

Hotel ICON is so excited to be the first hotel in Hong Kong and the first restaurant in Kowloon to launch this game changer of a burger and be part of the change!

Say YES to The Impossible and support #MeatonaMission
Now available at Hotel ICON in GREEN and The Market

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A Hotel Unlike Any Other
We strongly believe so. We are the spirit and ambassadors of Hong Kong. The city is our home; the people our family. Hotel ICON was founded by the School of Hotel & Tourism Management at Hong Kong PolyU to serve tourism, benefit the community and showcase the best of our amazing city. Uniquely among hotels, Hotel ICON was born to develop and innovate within the hospitality industry; it’s a responsibility we accept with energy and pride.

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