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The Quest For Everest: Ep 1 – China: Beijing & Tibet

Written by Ariel

Karl & Chris went on a 3 week journey through China, Tibet & Nepal with the highlight of reaching Mt Everest base camp.

However, their plans fall apart with Chris being hospitalised with severe altitude sickness. Will they succeed with their quest for Everest?

The first episode sees their journey begin in Beijing where they visit the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City, before taking a 2 day train to Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, travelling on the highest railway in the world.

In Tibet they explore the various monasteries and sites before taking a bus towards Mt Everest. And that’s when Chris got really ill…

Check out Episode 2 as they travel to Nepal right here:

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  • All you butt hurt Chinese right now just enjoy the video he clearly didn't mean to purposely offend anyone

  • There is no right to coomis to have a right to own Tibet and uygur and taiwan
    Tibetitan soon free their own country from occupy china
    Sooner or later chinese people overthrow coomis government
    If coomis have a guts try to eNter taiwan and arunachalam Pradesh
    Coomis never ever do this
    We love chinese people
    Those are our soul brothers
    But not coomis

  • Love the videos! I want to do this trip as well. How much did you spend (minus flight to Beijing and going home)? Cheers

  • Many people commented here and they said that Tibet is a part of China but I think these people are from China. Honestly it’s totally wrong because of History. Tibet was independent country, Tibet and China have completely different cultures and personalities, so it’s 100% impossible that Tibet is a part of China.

  • The bizarre drink is actually coca cola – the bottling company in China only writes the Chinese name for coke

  • emm, you know Tibet is just a province of China called 西藏 in Chinese and there are a lot of Han people living there~
    Due to some political reasons, this area may be a little politically sensitive but it is within China's history and you are really welcome to come ever again !

  • Not going to comment on the content and the political view in the video. Simply from your lack of humility, narrow mind and offputting attitude, it is time to grow up if you don't want to end up a loser for the rest of your life. The western elite succeeded in indoctrinating the grass root so that they can easily control them. Sorry, from your talks and behavior I assume you are not so well-educated, although not to the point of being a bum 😉
    BTW, the Chinese hospital saved your life. Be grateful.

  • Why are these few Chinese so angry… can't you just educate instead of insulting cause ofcourse they are not from China. Overemotional and narrow minded mentality

  • haha, those Brits rooted and ruined every country they went in their empire times. Now their times has passed and they want to show people they are noble and good man. I am curiously wondering why they didn't mention the invasion of Brits to Tibet and randomly set some border line which remains the cause of conflicts between multiple countries there. But I don't blame you because you grew up in such west media and environment which has set up your mind. All you need is to read more and travel more and experience to tell what is truth and what is false.

  • The title "China and Tibet", is really offending and disrespectful to all the Chinese people. Westerners are just that ignorant sometimes.

  • I love Tibet, i been there twice…first from Kathmandu, second from Xinjiang to Ali north Tibet, i hope one day i can travel by train to Lhasa. Love from MALAYSIA

  • The Chinese don't ever judge the colonization done by the west, but some of those people for some reason just like to judge and give opinion about china's sovereignty, wtf why? this bubbles my Chinese mind, Tibet is still Tibet, the people lives, culture lives, language and writing all still exists, same with Uyghur's, the Uyghur are the only Turk people that still use the Perso-Arabic writing, the rest use either Latin or Cyrillic alphabets, use wit Mongol's, yet they keep claiming that china is destroy those culture? I wonder where is Iroquois and Hopi people, or the Incans and Aztecans are at now. All that stuff with Sinolization, they were sinolizate hundreds or even thousand of years ago, no body has problem with Romanization, am I thinking too much or is this a bit too double standard.all those idiot complain about can't ask political questions, you come to a country and respect it's ways, you don't go to Dubai and talk shit about Islam… or go to UK and question the royalties..
    come to china, I challenge you to find a tv or web program dedicate in criticize other countrie's internal policies… they even criticized the surveillance cameras, despite they come from the UK… or the no photo of military, wtf, I thought that's normal in most countries.. I'm sure it's ok just take photos of us military units and operations…. seriously wtf

  • I was just in China for 5 weeks, I would say that Beijing shows off the worst of life quality in modern China and places such as Shenyang or Xiamen are more appealing

  • China poured billions of dollar into Tibet, why would they take their little entrance fees, do you have any prove?

  • Fucking Chinese shitholes cities poluted,destroying environment and eating all wild life and forcefully occupying tibet. They practice fake martial arts and copy everything. Their technology don't wort in real world just proved from ancient times with hyped great wall which never worked against mongols. Bullshit Chinese

  • Mr. Karl … I love all your videos.. it's fu**ing inspirational… 2 things … 1 visit south India & 2 I want see North Korea from your Cam .. can u give a try ? …

  • These guys didn't really seem like they're re into it.. The whole time they did is complained and seemed bored..You know what next time you plan a on doing some travelling,don't bother and save yourself that money and spend it on your favourite CLUB or whatever..

  • This is a travel vlog. Clearly you guys should not talk politics as your entire commentary is littered with logical fallacies and distorted viewpoints of the Chinese government.

  • Thank you Karl for the beautiful video of Lhasa,Tibet. I am not from Lhasa but from small village near shigatse . Hope to return to my motherland soon in near future. Don't bother about all these negative comments from Chinese netizen. Truth hurt sometimes. Keep doing great work. Tibet is sacred place and I am sure you will get good(positive) karma by visiting it with good intention. Cheers.

  • 你们要的自由西藏大概是藏族人活在达赖贵族统治之下,没事杀几个农奴,剥几张人皮像动物一样让你们欣赏吧,自由的杀戮,自由的剥削!

  • The comment below is for the commenters with their negative thought.. I am sorry but it's not a rude, it's an explanation. And thank you once again to @Karl 🙂 I enjoyed watching your vlogs..

  • First of all I would like to thank @Karl Watson for sharing this Beautiful journey. And I also wanted to confirm that TIBET IS NOT A PART OF CHINA!!!! We the Tibetans have our own culture, language and different life style!! We are under the Chinese government but that doesn't meant our country is part of China!! Think before commenting here anything comes up in your mind!! It's not about a political but a FACT!! Thank you

  • Thanks for turning a travel video into a politically biased BS. If you believe you've known so much about Tibet, at least learn the language to be capable of communicating with local residents before you went there instead of describing things with your own imagination. And I am sorry your country's buses do not have cameras so no one would know what happened when you get into a car accident. Two brainwashed British clowns. Free Scotland from the Kingdom of Ignorance.

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