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The Smallest Hotel Room in Hong Kong? – CHUNGKING MANSIONS

Written by Ariel

I went to spend one night in Tsim Sha Tsui, part of Kowloon in Hong Kong. I stayed at a small hostel in the crowded Chungking Mansions and I believe I stayed in the smallest hotel room there is in all of Hong Kong.
Have you ever seen a smaller hotel room?

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  • No don't go there. I stayed there 15 years ago and was told by someone who lived on the island it was a fire trap and to get out. I got ripped off with a guy who locked my pack in a room, then forced me to pay him. After that day I refuse to go back to Hong Kong and China. Your video shows this place way better than how it was when I was there. There was no tile and there was no card key. Ha, my place was smaller than that and the bathroom was shared. Bathroom, what a luxury. The bathtub was brown (not its original colour). You had to use a hose that must have been many years old and about a half inch in diameter to take a shower. No one in their right mind would take a bath in that rat hole I was in. I found all the people in Kowloon extremely rude. As soon as you went to the island every one turned polite. Never again. Can't stand spitting. I would rather go to India than China, and I have. Great place. Want to go back.

  • Stayed in ChungKing Mansion too, not very pleasant. Better check airbnb also cheap rooms to find there. Much nicer places to see than this area in HK. Try the beaches on the outlying islands if you need a brake from the city.

  • Wow that's a small room, and the shower right by where you brush you're teeth, that guy at 00:40 was an idiot, he probably said it was his hand thinking you wouldn't realize him and go back on him

  • Chunking Mansions is a mysterious building in HK, I've been to HK but never got a chance to walk into the building. Thanks to your video, I could take a look at the building inside. The room was unbelievable, 30 bucks you mean in RMB or hk dollars?

  • Always something interesting happening at ChungKing Mansions. I’ve got photos from the early 90’s that would scare you.

  • How tall are you in feet and inches?

    How much was the room?

    I have seen chungking videos before but never knew about the elevator line

  • That was spacious compared to accommodations on a navy ship. Where we we slept was far smaller than that.

    As for toilet stall size, One of heads had stalls so small that my shoulders pressed against the walls. The doors were divided in two because there was not room enough in front of the stall for even a narrow door to swing open. When I moved my arms to wipe myself, my sholders pushed the stall walls away causing the door halves to swing open and hit me in my knees.

    To make it even more fun, one day when there was air in the pipes, I flushed and got a frothy, salt water douche.

  • That sad old man was so unpolite and pathetic. You flew to Hongkong because of the Chinese visa thing? I remember you did something like this last year. This visa regulation is not convenient for foreigners. ……. Have you made up your mind whether to move to Shenzhen?

  • haha first of all that was a brilliant tackle (around 1:00) and the room resembles my room when I stayed in Seoul back in the day in 2012 😀 Love the shower!

  • Dude. It's the Chung King Mansion, what did you expect? Count your blessing there is even a bed. Next time, do your research and pay more money for a proper room.

  • I had a company post me and my family up there. The first second I walked in the door I turned around and walked out, called and demanded a real room . lol cheap asses.

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