things to do in Hong Kong

Things To Do In Hong Kong | Temples, Parks and Boat rides

Written by Ariel

Looking for things to do in Hong Kong 2018? We visit one of the older Temples of Hong Kong based in Causeway Bay called Tin Hau Temple. Then we head off to Victoria Park before ending with a boat ride on the Junk.

There are plenty of things to do in Hong Kong, this is part 5 of my Hong Kong world travel diary. In this travel guide we visit a chinese temple called Tin Hau Temple in Causeway Bay. We visit Victoria Park in Causeway Bay. Then finally we go for a boat ride in the junk. Our boat was called “the duckling” and we left from Hong Kong central pier for an hour round trip. This is a classic Hong Kong attraction.

We took the ferry tour at night and got to see the Kowloon and Hong Kong skyline in all its glory which was well worth seeing.

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