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  • I like how a British is hired to narrate and he is quick to mention that HK was colonized by Britain, just so that others don't forget . Pathetic losers, UK is completely irrelevant little 3rd world shithole today, HK is 2 times richer thats why poor UK migrants are flocking to uk to do labor work for pennies

  • Hey YouTube why don't you give options to choose category? So that we see only what we want to. (Please someone report my comment)

  • trust me you dont wanna live here if you are fucking poor lol. HK has the highest relative poverty rate in the world, the highest gini coeffient. Yea its fine just being a tourist you can't afford anything if you work and live here unless you are the capitalist class. Go visit sham shui po/SSP not fucking TST to see the real side of HK where you will see old people pushing trolleys of trash and selling them for PENNIES (not even kidding) while the HK government (which has some of the highest amount of financial reserves) chose not to take care of these eldery ppl. TST is for mainland tourists craving for Dior and LVs of the world. The city is dying and turning into another Chinese city controlled by the communist party. The young generation is all dying to leave the city and emmigrate once they can saved up some money. These touristy videos are great but if you wanna know the real side of the city you got a long way to go son.

  • The old people (70 plus) who push carts or carry trash for a living break my heart. Most of them have age related scoliosis . .what is the govt doing abt it

  • Mong Kok is my favorite place to stay whenever I visit Hong Kong. There is just something about the district!

  • Kowloon is an absolute eye opener. Never felt so crushed by people ,every street you turn down is jam packed and nearly always in suffocating humidity

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