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Top 5 Sydney WINTER FOOD – To Warm Your Soul

Written by Ariel

My Top 5 sydney winter food (Asian food) to keep you warm. We explore some of the best sydney cheap eats during the winter season here in Sydney. We explore one of the best thai food in sydney and some of the best ramen. dish keeps you warm? Comment below

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Vietnamese Food – 0:20
Thai Food – 2:58
Chinese Food – 5:01
Malaysian Food – 8:07
Japanese Food – 11:05

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Features on this Episode:

1. An Restaurant
27 Greenfield Parade, Bankstown NSW 2200

Food: Rare Beef Pho Noodle
Cost: $15 AUD
An serves one of the best pho in Sydney and its located in bankstown – this is one of the best food to eat in winter and definitely one of my list of winter foods to keep you warm

2. Chon Siam – Sydney CBD Food
38 Campbell St, Haymarket NSW 2000
Food: Boat Noodle Soup (Pork)
Cost: $4 AUD
Boat Noodle is well known throughout Thailand and I’m a huge fan of it and Chon Siam is a restaurant ive been coming for many years and serve one of the best Boat Noodle here, if you have never been – then it is time, I mean 4 dollar comeon???

3. San Cheng Hot Pot King – Sydney CBD Food
8a/363 Sussex St, Sydney NSW 2000

Food: Spicy Hotpot
Cost: varies depending on how much your order (My suggestion bring a few friends, cheaper)
Chinese Hotpot is probably the best food to eat in winter especially if you are getting the spicy base – its quite the perfect solution to this cold winter in Sydney. Though regardless winter or not (its still a good dish to eat in any season)

4. Malay Chinese Takeaway – Sydney CBD Food
1/50-58 Hunter St, Sydney NSW 2000

Food: Seafood Laksa
Cost: $15 AUD
While there are many types of Laksa out there – Malay Chinese offers one of the best entry point to the world of Laksa, their broth is by far serve as a reminder of your nostalgic childhood – peace and a calming sensation around your mouth and tummy.. its flavourful and the overall broth itself is smooth in texture and appearances – its mild in hotness perfect for those who are not a fan of chilli. By far i think one of the best malaysian food in sydney

5. Ryo Noodles
125 Falcon St, Crows Nest NSW 2065

Food: Japanese Ramen
Cost: $15 AUD
If you have been seeing my vlogs you would know that Japan is one of my favourite country to visit and eat – and while im away from Japan I always crave for a fantastic Japanese ramen that would suffice a Japanese dinner experience in Japan itself. One particular place is Ryo’s Ramen here in Crow’s Nest – What I found extremely interesting was the broth of the ramen is just perfect – it’s not too thick or too watery for my liking – it’s just the right amount of thickness.
As you have probably know this how you can tell if a Japanese Ramen is good, is by how awesome the noodle is made – generally a broth should stick to your noodle when lifted and that is the epidemy of a good fresh made noodle. By far i think one of the best ramen in sydney

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  • Wuttt!? You can get noodle soup for $4 in Sydney? How?! That's like south east asian prices. Mind blown. I actually haven't been to any of these eateries in Sydney. I feel like this will be my next Sydney visit itinerary.

  • Great video the 3rd restaurant was so cool to let you make your own sauce. I love the spicy wonder if they have vegetarian options 🙂 "c/t"

  • LOOOVE me some asian food! thats so awesome there are plenty of those in Sydney and at an affordable price too! all the dishes you had looks amazing! although i would say watching this made me hungry but its also like 100 degrees here in SoCal so i cant imagine eating it at the moment LOL this is great! thanks for sharing this! ~sara c/t

  • You should come to Kraków and try polish food ! 😀
    PS. I am new to your channel !
    PSS. I feel bad for asking you this but mind checking out my channel ? If not then that's totally fine !

  • Wow I def gotta visit Sydney sometime! Food looks amaaazing! boat noodle soup looks good and is super cheap. Great video Nick

  • all the soups and noodles look soooo good and how you talk about noodles makes me happy but i want to cry about the prices! $15 pho and ramen…ahhhhhhhhhh

  • Noodle soups are always good. Their tasty, in expensive and fills you up. Love the vid, it's making me hungry lol.

  • That dish for $4 is a bargain! Particularly because it’s in Sydney, which usually found pretty expensive.

  • I love asian soups … especially in Vietnam the Pho soups …. I am glad that you find in every bigger city asian restaurants who have authentic asian food 🙂

  • Bro! Enak semuanya! Out of all the places, I've only been to Pho Ahn… that place is not far from where I used to live. I love Laksa and Ramen!!! I'm so going there.

  • Haha, we would totally join you for an asian food tour. You make everything look so good!!! I don't think I could do the spiciest one, but it would certainly heat us up ;p Coconut curry is my fave! Slurp it like you mean it…love it! c/t

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