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Top Wild and Wacky Complaints From Cruise Ship Passengers Ever Made to Cruise Lines!

Written by Ariel

Top Wild and Wacky Complaints From Cruise Ship Passengers Ever Made to Cruise Lines! Why do I see the dock outside of my balcony window when I paid for an ocean view? Do you know which side of the ship the dolphins and whales come up on? Thanks to all of my viewers today as we just passed 2000 subscribers. Today the channel is 9 1/2 month old and I am so humbled by all of your support.
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  • I just wanted to let you know the reason why I unsubscribe you spent the first 10 minutes complaining about how YouTube hasn't monetized you. Then you touched a little bit on cruising then you started in on how everybody could pay you PayPal, merchandise, Patreon, and super chats. Finally at 22 minutes and 56 seconds I had enough. Best of luck.

  • Watching full rerun – congratulations Brucie on hitting 2K in subbies, awesome!! 18 the high today and 13 the low they say, some people really are try hards lol and very funny 🙂 Gr8 to have all the new family subbing, very very cool

  • There are many consumer alerts about the companies that run the art auctions at sea. Forged signatures, inflated valuations, etc. Just Google it.

  • I thought I had posted this comment yesterday, but apparently, I didn't. XD

    Disney Cruises don't have art auctions (that I know of). The ships have either a dedicated art gallery or one of the halls has canvases on the walls. The prices for the canvases are listed next to each piece. If you want to buy one of them, then you need to talk to the staff. You will sometimes see that there are either less canvases or the canvas is gone later in the cruise. But the canvases are all expensive.

    They do sell different cruise themed Disney prints in the more adult themed store (sells adult clothes, brand name items, jewelry, etc).

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