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What is a Custom SEO package Service?

Written by Ariel

You had a dream and you founded your own business. You heard all about internet marketing and the benefits that it brings, at a much cheaper cost. You know controlling cost is paramount to running your business profitably and you want to test out internet marketing and you found out how it works. You were excited but you were also foxed by words and phrases that you did not exactly understand. Like Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is called.
Your enthusiasm took a back seat but not for long. You found out that there are consultants available to help you get started to run your own SEO team and that they provide you packages to work with. However, you found out they cost a bomb and your profitability worry returned to you.

The custom SEO service packages are based on budget, complexity of keywords, and the analysis of competitors. The following form a part of the custom SEO packages:

* Advanced keyword research
* Thorough Competitor Analysis
*  SEO Consultation Services
*  On Page Optimization of any number of pages (titles, tags, content)
*  Internal linking optimization
*  Canonical Issues
*  Taxonomy creation and analysis
*  URL and Site structure analysis
*  HTML site map creation if needed
*  Google XML site map creation and submission
*  Load and Stress Testing
*  Code check and validation
*  DMOZ.org submission
*  Custom Article Media Distribution campaign
*  Custom Press Releases Submission
*  Custom Social Bookmark campaign
*  Custom One way links
*  Custom Social Media Optimization
*  Extended and Advanced SEO Methodologies
*  Custom Rank Reports and Trends (weekly/monthly)
*  Ongoing maintenance and support

How you will benefit through our Custom SEO Service?

Here’s how you will benefit using this site:

You want to know the advantages of running your own SEO set up – whether it is a risky proposition or a sane option. Just browse through our section on “what makes home grown SEO team work for your business” and be convinced.

You want to run your own SEO set up and you don’t want to reinvent the wheel while setting it up:
will provide you the answers to all the questions that had arisen in your mind and well, to some which had not crossed your mind.

You want to know how to optimize on the right size of the team, how to look for the right kind of resources, with the right kind of qualifications. Our site will tell you all, no holds barred.

You want to get online answers to some of the problems that you may face while implementing your plan ….
You write to us and we will be there to provide you the solutions.

You want to know how your internet marketing is working to your advantage …
Our site will tell you how to assess the same to help you take the next steps.

You want to provide your feedback on how our site helped you or how our site can be made even better….
Click on the Feedback button and tell us ….we are prepared to learn from your experience and make the site even more useful.

Why Hire Us?

Cheer up. We understand your needs and of others like you who have struggled to grapple with jargon and have to wade their way through the jungle of geeky phrases instead of getting straight answers to honest and simple questions.

If you are reading this, you are already at the right place. We have created this website to be the one stop solution center designed precisely for people like you looking for answers which will not confuse but provide clarity; not make you look like a novice but an intelligent user of on line resources; not drill a hole in your budget but save you valuable money; not complicate life for you but simplify.

Our Customized SEO Service Packages

We will take care of this task for you at a very affordable rate. Use our Contact Us form to know more about Custom SEO service packages. Based on your specific needs, we will create a custom SEO package that will fit your specific needs. In fact, each business is different, and yours is no exception. Each websites have different requirements in terms of traffic, revenue and branding factors. So, if you are still feeling unsure about the package that you should opt, let us decide the best combination for your project.

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