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Lawyer, Musician, Serial Careerist, Amateur Chef, Papercut Survivor. Is this water dry?.


  • Karl rock " atithi devo bhav " hota hai bharat me. Here guests is like a god and we indians welcome him . But now a days some people cheat with foreigners .Please safe with that types of people . I m sandeep, a indian boy and I want to good image of my country in world .

  • Thanks a lot my bro, salute from an indian for ur kind love and respect for India.

  • Great videos, however can you please use uni directional microphones so that we can hear you more clearly and it will also filter out the background noise.

  • Don't listen to these idiots who are saying Rajasthan is not good place to go….
    There are many places which are more good and cool like
    so go there..

  • He is eating such spicy food,i wonder if i eat so much foreign food for first time,would i be able to laugh!cute guy.brave.crowds,

  • Karl, leave your poor brother..he is already overwhelmed by India..and you don't stop bullying !!! Classic sibling dynamics.

  • Comment#02

    YOUR COVERAGE of INDIA is VERY realistic, mostly balanced and Slightly Tilted towards More optimistic and friendly view towards INDIA.
    I like your approach.

    The approach of BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is mostly tilted towards negative coverage of India.

    I have heard a lot of good things about NEW ZEALAND
    I like Fresh, Very delicious and highly nutritious ZESPRI brand KiwiFruit widely available in INDIA.

    The preference for NO RELIGION is expanding in NEW ZEALAND as per Pew Research Report.

    I have a friend in Auckland, NewZealand.

    I will like one day to visit New-Zealand.

    While I was an Integrated Circuit (Micro Chip) designer in The United States of America for Four Years, I liked The U.S.A. as a society.
    There I developed friendship with the people from Newzeland.

    Since then, I wish to visit NEWZELAND.

  • Comment#01
    The yogurt (or even milk cream) has important property that it protects Inner Lining of Human Intestine and Gut from the inflammatory and damaging effects of excess spicy food.

    So always make sure to have Yoghurt based food (Like Indian-RAITA, or CURD or Paneer/Cottage cheese) at the end of SPICY Indian food.


  • Dear brother rock, you really rock by showing different faces and aspects of India. India is a paradox not easily understood by foreigners but you did it by understanding the soul of India. Good Luck.

  • Karl, I really appreciate how are you doing all these good things and trying to educate people about tourism in India. I mean you are the true Tourism Ambassador to India Bro. Jai Hind.

  • I am an pakistani and i am happy that the white guy loved india and i feel like india is also my home so i loved that he is happy in india

  • There is so much noise Pollution in India .. People don't have any knowledge of noise Pollution . Such a shame on us ..!

  • U are the greatest human being I have seen in my life the way u do in India bhot ache karl u really a superstar head's of for u

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