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Why can’t Disneyland have nice things like Tokyo and Hong Kong? | 12-23-17 Pt. 5

Written by Ariel

The question is facetious of course, because I love Disneyland like I love family. But sometimes, when I do things like compare our Winnie the Pooh ride to the one at Tokyo…I get a little jealous. I want nice things too 🙁

Why can’t Disneyland have nice things like Tokyo and Hong Kong? | 12-23-17 Pt. 5

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  • I think that most of what you see at The other parks is dreams of the wishful thinking. Disneyland has to be a certain way or will disturb Walt’s memory

  • Hello! Fresh Baked Disney!, My name is David, I have been a "Muffin" for many years now, but I have a ? for you, What is the name of the nice lady with you in this video? Could you do a short interview with her?, ask her to take off her glasses, & ask her how long she has been coming to the parks, & how many times does she come in a week? It would be great to get to know here better!
    Keep up the great work!, From CA.

  • As a German 😉 , …'anorak' mode on: I can tell, that 'mono' is Greek (possibly old Greek) and not German, for single 😉 (so, and here you were right, its single/one rail) I believe the concept originated in Germany…
    'anorak' mode off…

    Thank you and keep up the good work, it's always fun to watch your stuff…

  • Fresh baked wusup fam!!!! Im gonna b n Disneyland for New Years look for a gta vice city shirt or raiders jerseys gonna b lookin 4 y’all much love from the bay been here since 2015

  • The Main Street Vehicles are closing on the 8th with unknown return date. What are they doing?
    I finally met Ken 12/26. In front of castle. I think the vehicles will be in front of the castle everyday for now.

  • I ask myself this every day… Asian parks’ attractions are so much better and it makes me sad. Disneysea is absolutely astonishing

  • At 12:57 … I'm sorry, but Stormtroopers just don't fit the model of classic Disney magic. I'm a Star Trek fan, but it would be misplaced to do a meet-and-greet with Mr. Spock on Main Street. It's not the same universe. Know what I mean?

  • I used to live in Japan and my wife and I went to Disneysea/ Tokyo Disneyland quite a bit. Pooh's Hunny hunt is awesome! The best part is that it smells like honey in the ride! That's something you can't know by watching a video.
    It's also a very busy ride. Japanese people loooove Winnie the Pooh.

  • Do they ever speed up Mr. Toads Wild Ride? When I rode it in November after the fireworks, it felt like it was a minute long

  • "Better" is a very subjective term and concept.
    The music at the beginning of Pooh reminds me of the theme song to Pinky And The Brain.
    How about when Leia uses the force to……..never mind, I don't want to spoil it. 🙂
    Ok then…in that case, being anywhere in this galaxy is not "canon"…..let alone on Terra. 😉

  • Can you imagine if they closed half of Fantasyland, people would lose their minds. But what is the castle walls were 15 feet higher, then we could have a larger Alice, how about riding up the stairs of Toad Hall, and maybe a larger Peter Pan that would span three floors and have 50% more capacity while using the ships at Shanghai (which have 2 rows of seats. That is what could happen if they would build up and down for the land

  • I went on the Winnie the Pooh ride in Tokyo and it was really fun for sure! The Hephalump room you guys mentioned is the best part of the ride it really is a gigantic room with all these neat little places your vehicle stops. Also hearing Pooh talk in Japanese was really adorable. Tokyo really is like a future Disneyland that has all of our rides but better.

    The only thing I don't like about the Tokyo park is the food. I love japanese food don't get me wrong, but I felt the quality of the food wasn't as good. The merch is SO much better though. Besides the lack of pins, that was certainly disappointing.

  • Hi, I’m from Hong Kong.
    As a local, HKDL is basically a big mashup of rides from different parks, with only a few unique rides. Disneyland should remain the way it is now, with only a few minor changes or so.

  • Disneyland stinks, Disney World is waaaay better. D. World and the other Disney Parks abroad have more land & thus more of an opportunity to expand. D. Land is lucky to even get Star Wars Land given how small the property is. At D23 back in July, during the Theme Parks presentation, they spent a majority of the time focusing on World than Land cause its…….Land. LOL. Let's be real here, the biggest highlight of D. Land is the Walt factor & that it's the first one that started it all, plain and simple. Not like there's anything wrong with that cause I Love learning Disney history. But Disney is looking towards the future & Land isn't going to be a part of it much, if at all. So if I was anybody in Cali, I'd start trying to save money to travel East for the better rides & attractions like say the Tron ride. And when the Star Wars resort opens & blends with Galaxy's Edge at D.World??? You kidding me??? Not many people would want to go the Land's version cause it's not going to be as immersive. Disneyland will always have its dedicated fan base. I just feel this whole Land vs World debate in terms of attractions being built in each side of the country has one easy answer…..D.World is better. 🙂

  • Studying with Fresh Baked as background noise, thank you so much guys for putting up the trip reports. I've been watching Fresh Baked since 2013, and I've seen the channel grow so much. Thank you for the amazing content, keep doing what you're doing! I'm going to Disneyland next Summer for at least 3 days, hope to see you guys there!

  • Tokyo DisneySea is a complete other much higher level emersion
    than compared to Disneyland USA. …and I´m soon going again:)

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